Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Preparing for World Prematurity Day - November 17

I am excited about World Prematurity Day, as you can probably tell if you follow me on social media, and I know a lot of you are excited too!

I am so excited that this year Bliss has joined with March of Dimes along with charities around the world, making World Prematurity Day truly global.

This day, however, is not about charities and NGO's sitting around talking about prematurity. No. It's about you and your babies and children. These organisations are here to facilitate and to help, but this is our day, your day.

November 17th, World Prematurity Day is so important, because its a day we can all come together and celebrate our babies and their achievements. We grieve too, for those who lost their fight, and most importantly we work together to help reduce prematurity and to ensure babies everywhere have the best start in life.

Now this is a call to action. I want to tell you how you can get involved.

  • Start here at the World Prematurity Day Facebook page and tell your story on the map. Stories need to be short, 250 characters. Everyone can do this! And you don't have to own your own preemie to do so.
  • Now if you want to share pictures go to PicMonkey the easiest photo editing in the world. Find a saying, write your own. Play around, the undo button is fabulous! You can share directly from PicMonkey on to Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter, you can download your masterpiece too. Use these photos to share your thoughts. 
  • Visit Pinterest this link will take you to my World Prematurity Board. I would love to get more collaborators pinning and sharing, that would be fantastic. If you would like to become a collaborator, please ask.
  • Twitter is key. I love Twitter. There will be some composed tweets you can use, but please be creative and come with your own. You can tweet pictures as well as words, share articles, blog posts, just make some noise. Closer to the time I will give you some times for your diary so you can join in some prearranged chats. I have a Twitter list which you are welcome to join.
  • I have been showing the Not Even A Bag of Sugar Facebook page some serious love, and will use this to help keep you all updated, and for you to ask questions and get help with your preparation for the day. Please come and like and
  • If anyone is on Google + you can find me easily there, and it would be great to have a Hangout, let me know if you are interested in doing this.
  • And finally I am going to do some video blogs on You Tube, and share these too.

What to share
  • If you blog that would be wonderful. If you are considering starting a blog now would be a great time to start. If you want me to host a post, I have a spare blog space to do that, and I would love to host stories from those of you who are not bloggers.
  • A picture speaks 1000 words and its true. Before and after pictures, montages, sayings, share them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google + anywhere!
  • If you don't own your own preemie it doesn't matter, be part of the support team and share articles, posts, pictures, maybe someone you know has had a preemie and you can share thoughts on that. 
I am really excited this year, because I know we in the UK (and around the world) can do something amazing, and really pass the baton from the Australian, and Asian activity to the US activity.

We have a chance to really show the world how amazing our babies are. 

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  1. I love the "if you don't own your own preemie" bit. Love it!

    Well done Kylie. As you know I'll be joining in :) Just realised as well that the 17th November (WPD) will always be the week Lexie finally came home from hospital, so double celebrations here x