Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Blog Camp and Vida Moda

Happy at Blog Camp
I've been having a wardrobe crisis lately, nothing seems to be quite right, and I was so grateful to be offered an outfit by Vida Moda to wear to Blog Camp. I don't know about you, but as a mum I seem to live in jeans and t-shirts or jumpers, and at work I wear my uniform. Smart clothes seem to have become a thing of the past in my wardrobe. I was so excited looking through the Vida Moda collection.

Vida Moda has a lot of choice, and the clothes are refreshingly different to what is generally available in high street shops to those of us with fuller figures. I chose this gathered black dress

I chose this dress because its really versatile. I have actually worn it twice, at Blog Camp I wore it with slim fitting trousers, for a meeting in Manchester I wore it with tights and heels. I love jersey. The dress washes and wears amazingly well, the fabric falls over the areas I am less keen on showing and is, above all, very comfortable to wear.

Vida Moda

The dress, intriugingly, has ties inside so you can alter the length, which really does make it very versatile, and its the sort of garment you can wear for many different events. 

I am so pleased to have discovered Vida Moda and I hope you enjoy looking through their collection.


  1. Fab dress, it looks great on you. Love the funky tights too!