Sunday, 14 October 2012

Blog Camp Manchester

I went to Blog Camp Manchester yesterday, and let me tell you, it was just fabulous! Blog Camp is run by Tots 100 , and is provided free of charge to bloggers, thanks to the dynamo that is Sally Whittle who writes here at Who's The Mummy? one of my favourite blogs.

Blog Camp Manchester was really different to the last one I attended in Birmingham. For a start there were no workshops, we all stayed together in one big room. I have to say at first I was a little concerned by this. At blog camp you have bloggers like the very lovely Jess who blogs at Catch a Single Thought , who is just starting out in blogging (and doing a wonderful job of it might I say, and then K from Mummy Pinkwellies, who like me has been blogging for a while.

I didn't think that the needs of diverse bloggers could be met in this format, but I was wrong. I deliberately avoid talks on photography and video making as I am not good at them and not particularly interested. But by attending these I learnt a lot and realised the power of these mediums, and am now determined to be better. I am still not 100% convinced about vlogging, but I am willing to give it a try. I do think that for some of my audience, people who have babies in NICU, hearing information can be easier than the written word, so that's given me something to think about. Becky and Tom from The Ar-Blog,  shared some really genius simple ideas to make our photos better, and I'm inspired to try harder.

I enjoyed Ruth from Geekmummy talking about video blogging. I really love Ruth because, as much as she loves her geekery and wizardry pokery, above all, she is a clear communicator. I love her blogs and always go away thinking I have understood things that previously were a mystery.

The highlight of the day for me was Cathy, the Queen of Playdough, who writes the successful and very helpful blog Nurture Store  , which for a long time has been my go to place for activities with children. Cathy talked about using Facebook and Pinterest to grow our audiences. I have a Facebook group as it's the "done thing" but I don't do enough with it and I know I don't. The thing was, until yesterday, I had no idea where to start. But now I do! So thanks Cathy for your simple pointers.

It was such a refreshing day, and I left feeling like I had been taken back to basics. After my break away, I have been left feeling that I need to do more to reach outside bloggers, to ordinary mums and dads with babies in neonatal, or who are now home trying to pick the pieces up, so I hope to really be able to make a difference and get my voice heard.

I highly recommend Blog Camp, it's such a fantastic place to learn, meet other bloggers, and of course, eat cake.


  1. Great round-up and it sounds like there were some great speakers again. So gutted I missed it.

  2. Cathy @ Nurturestore14 October 2012 at 21:51

    It was a great day wasn't it? Very pleased you found my ideas useful :)

  3. Thanks for your kind words - I'm glad you found my session useful. And wasn't Cathy great? I learnt loads from her too! Such a shame we didn't get to chat - never enough time at these things, but hopefully we'll get another chance soon :)

  4. I think the big thing I took away is that vlogging doesn't have to be perfect. I haven't got lots of equipment I'm not "clever", but that's ok. I am looking forward to giving it a try, just as soon as I get a lapel mic!

  5. I just can't believe how some of the tips were so simple yet no one does them, like removing a thumbnail from an update and inserting the picture so its big. I have only just started trying your tips but my engagement is up 25% already.

  6. You were very much missed Nickie, so sorry work and life got in the way this time, damn them!

  7. I really loved the day and I learnt so much. I just need to do it all now :) was really great seeing you again!

  8. Lovely to see you on Saturday. It was a good BlogCamp wasn't it? I learned loads and, like you, I'm not totally convinced by vlogging. I am, however, very into Pinterest again.

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