Monday, 22 October 2012

British Red Cross First Aid Challenge

So hands up, who is going to the Baby Show at Earl's Court this week, which starts on the 26th October, I know a lot of you are. If you are attending the British Red Cross are launching their First Aid Challenge with training sessions taking place each our. If you are unable attend on 26th October, on the same day, the British Red Cross are launching a new website featuring free videos, emergency advice and information on first aid courses around the UK – the campaign will also encourage parents to download a letter to send to head teachers to ask local schools to teach first aid in the classroom. You can sign up already here

I am absolutely passionate about First Aid, and the British Red Cross offer wonderful courses, I've always kept mine up to date. As a parent of a premature baby having those basic skills was very reassuring. At our special care baby unit and most others around the country you are given resuscitation training before you take your baby home. It's a stark reminder that our babies are very fragile.

I strongly believe every parent should have some kind of training. Some of the First Aid techniques are so simple, they're not scary, and the British Red Cross courses give you ample time to practice and ask questions. I've used my First Aid training on numerous occasions, and a couple of times with Joseph.

Also launching is the British Red Cross First Aid for Babies and Children. I was given a copy and its an invaluable book to have around the home. All the techniques are illustrated clearly with pictures, most using photographs. Its the sort of book you can quickly read through, say once a month and just familiarise yourself with it. The book retails at £10.99 and is one of the best investments you will make for your family.

It also contains useful information such as what to have in your first aid kit, safety tips to avoid accidents and a handy reference guide to fill in important phone numbers. It's a great book to leave with a baby sitter or grandparent too.

I'd challenge all my readers to sign up for the challenge, consider going on a course, and buying a book, it could save a life.

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