Friday, 12 October 2012

Justin's Funny Faces - Giveaway

We were delighted to receive a Justin's Funny Faces Sticker book to review. We love Justin Fletcher, of Something Special and Justin's House Fame, and Joseph's eyes lit up when I showed him the book.

Image courtesy of Amazon

The book has got more than 10 pages of faces in different scenarios with lots of stickers, far more than you need, which is great. Not only will you not run out of eyes and mouths, there's lots of choice to give your face personality.

Joseph is 3 and a quarter, and he loved the book. He got the grasp of the facial features straight away. Unlike many sticker books the stickers are easy to lift off and place. The stickers seem to give a chance or two so if you place it wrong, as long as you haven't pressed too hard, you can still move them.

This book is available on Amazon and retails for £3.99 although it appears to be on offer at the moment, and would make a great stocking filler, travelling present or for hospital appointments.

You can follow Justin on Twitter.

I have one sticker album to give away. To have a chance to win please tweet:

I would love to win a Funny Faces #stuckonjustin sticker book with @kykaree

Please leave a blog comment to let me know you have tweeted.

For an extra entry follow Justin but be sure to let me know you have.

Keep an eye out for the annual that will be out in time for Christmas!

*Giveaway prize is Justin Funny Faces Sticker book. Ends 19th October 9am. Winner will be selected by random draw


  1. Have tweeted and already follow Justin! We love Justin in our house.
    Sam x

  2. Will be getting one of these for Liam, he loves Justin in all his shows, higgledy house, tickabilla, something special and justin's house. Xx

  3. Tweeted. Lexie would LOVE this :) x

  4. Already following the wonderful Justin *goes weak at the knees in a really weird way*

  5. Pickle loves Justin, so have of course tweeted :)

  6. Amy would love this, she's obsessed with Justin :) I have tweeted as @caro_mad:disqus

  7. I am also following Justin x

  8. Charlotte Taylor

    I would love to win a Funny Faces #stuckonjustin sticker book with @kykaree

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