Friday, 26 October 2012

On Coming Out and Moving On

Joseph on Friday - sums up how we both felt I think!

Last Friday was one of the strangest days of my life. Prior to it, I could count the number of people who knew about my secret on the fingers of both hands. Thousands of you have read, dozens of you have commented, I have had emails, tweets, texts and have been surrounded by love, for which I can only say thank you. I still feel exposed and scared, but its all part of the journey I guess.

It's a tough time for a lot of people at the moment, and I can only say let's all be kind to one another and to ourselves. You never know what lies in someone's heart and the reasons for their behaviour or feelings, so be open and be kind.

As October draws to a close, my focus is two fold. For myself, to start getting proper healing. I am seeking counselling through my very supportive employers, and am also going to look at returning to anti anxiety medication for the short term. Now is the time I need to take care of myself, and finally move on. My past has held me back. My lovely friend Lisa at the Mummy Whisperer  spoke right to my heart when she said "I often wondered what held you back". I now know this is my time to finally live, as an adult free of my past and achieve all the things I would like to do. I'm going to need a lot of help, but this has taught me I have a larger support network than I ever imagined, and sometimes its ok just to say "I am not ok and need some help".

The new focus blog wise is for World Prematurity Day, and I make no apologies that your timelines on Twitter will be full of it, your Facebook feeds, you cannot hide from this day! I am on a personal mission that the UK leg will be like the Tyne bridge, leading from the Australian activity to the US activity. I do hope that as many of you as possible will get involved. Every tweet, every picture, every story will help show the world that prematurity matters.

In the run up to the day I will provide some clearer guidelines as to what you can all do to help spread the word.

Thank you again to all of those who have emailed me, supported me, sent a thought or a hug. I appreciate you all very much. 


  1. I'm glad you're getting help. We shouldn't be held back for something that happened in childhood for the whole of our lives ;) If you need any help with the anxiety stuff just shout ok?

  2. I always have a hug for you anytime you need it, also looking forward to your new journey with nothing holding you back!

  3. Glad you feel liberated and hope you encourage others people to speak up about their experiences x