Monday, 5 November 2012

24 Weekers Movie - Our Movie

When I had my emergency scan at 26 weeks and 6 days. it set off a chain of events at hurtling speed. I recall being taken in a wheelchair into a lift back to the ward after my scan and saying to my husband "I feel like I am in an episode of Holby City. Just make it stop".

Alan Entwhistle, father of a 24 weeker, has a vision, and he has the skills, to make an amazing film about 24 weekers. And he needs your help. 24wMedia wants this to be "our" film, a community getting together to crowdsource fund this amazing project, 24weekers.

Writer/Director Alan Entwistle wrote the script following the birth of his son, Jack, in 2005.  Jack was born 16 weeks too early and was given only a 40% chance of survival, being just the size of a man’s hand.  

“As a father, to hear your child only has a 40per cent chance of survival is a horrific experience. I’d made a number of short films before and having experienced something as amazing as we did, I decided it would be a great idea for a film.”
I really believe in this project, and have made a pledge to help get this off the ground. The makers of 24 weekers are only asking for £1. I know many of you follow and read this blog. Give £1. For me. For Joseph. If you can pledge more, that is wonderful. If you pledge please comment so that I can thank you personally.

To pledge your support for 24weekers, click here. Crowdsourced funding, I hope, is the future of cinema, giving us the films we really want to see and need to see. 

Alan Entwistle said, “When we found out Kickstarter was opening its doors to UK projects in October,  we felt the timing was perfect. Kickstarter has proved to be hugely successful in America and has launched some amazing and innovative projects.  We hope to be one of the first successful UK feature movies to use Kickstarter – and are really excited about what the future holds for 24weekers.” 

Thank you for reading, and thanks in advance your support. Remember we are only asking for £1. But more, clearly is wonderful. Thank you again.

To learn more about the project follow on Twitter at 24weekers and Facebook

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