Saturday, 17 November 2012

Best Beginnings

Sometimes you just take a photo. You have no idea that one day you will look back at it with absolute amazement.

I had no idea, until I owned one, just how small a baby could be. In this picture Joseph is way under his birth weight of 1lb 7oz. I don't actually know how small he got, I was always too scared to know his weight.

I give thanks every single day for the care we both received. It wasn't always perfect, this is true, but it was wonderful. The NHS saved my life, and gave me my very much wanted and dear son.

There are three things on World Prematurity Day that I am really passionate about. The first, that I will blog more about today and you will see reshared and retweeted, is care for mothers and preemies in the developing world. Regular readers will know my favourite statistic, that the introduction of kangaroo care around the world will save 500 000 lives. That's basic mothercare, that is free.

The second thing I am absolutely passionate about is Family Centred Care. That is why I am proud to support UK charity Best Beginnings and its Small Wonders Programme centering around the Small Wonders DVD. I was proud to attend the launch of this DVD, having helped on the testing panel. I love it, and have met some of the mothers who were featured on it.

The third thing is about prevention. We know so little about the reasons behind premature birth. The numbers are huge, and they aren't really going down, and we need much better care for pregnant women to prevent prematurity from happening in the first place. I just know there are answers there.

Every mother deserves to take home their baby. There were times in our journey where I thought we would lose Joseph. But, he is here, he is healthy and we are a happy family. Everyone deserves that outcome. Everyone.


  1. I had twins in April of this year at 26+6 sadly my little boy was stillborn but my little girl inherited his strength and she fought on and is now 7 months old and absolutely thriving thanks to the most amazing neo natal team xx

  2. You are an amazing and inspirational lady, it is so fabulous that you keep on campaigning Joseph is testament to your brilliant work and why it is so important. Mich x