Thursday, 22 November 2012

Justin's Annual 2013

It's hard keeping up with a 3 year old boy and their fads. So far we've got Iron Man and Spider Man and Power Rangers vying for attention. However, one person Joseph always goes back to is Justin, whether as Mr Tumble, one of the characters in Gigglebiz, on Justin's House as himself or even old episodes of Tikkabilla. Justin Fletcher has been a constant during Joseph's short life, going back to babyhood when we used to watch Something Special snuggled on the sofa.

I love Annuals, and its a lovely tradition to carry on with your children. This Annual is bright, colourful and full of activities. Joseph has enjoyed both reading it with us, and on his own too, and loves the stickers.

The Annual is widely available and makes a lovely stocking filler for Christmas, or perhaps something to entertain an excited child on Christmas Eve, snuggled up in new pyjamas waiting for the other jolly man to arrive!

You can pick up the Annual at supermarkets and bookstores, and its currently on offer at Amazon

We were sent an annual to review, all opinions are our own.


  1. Oooh I have a 3yo who would love this also! X

  2. Following your blog really love it I'm glad I found it :-)

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