Saturday, 17 November 2012

NICU Fairy Godmother

Today has been crazy. It's been wonderful but manic. I have been online since midnight it's now 10pm that is 22 hours! Keeping me company have been some amazing parents, I've met loads of new people, heard some incredible stories, and reignited some old friendships. The community we are in is amazing. We are united across timezones, continents and countries. We have one thing in common, we have given birth to babies born too soon, too small, too sick.

When I was going through NICU with Joseph, I felt alone. I had friends come from time to time, bright beacons in a dark time. Those moments stand out like gold. The friend who came the night before Joseph was born with magazines, slippers and toiletries. A friend who posted a lovely NICU suit that she found on Etsy made by an Australian woman. Someone dropped a couple of boxes of empty birthday cards on my doorstep, these have come in so handy!

As we were chatting today I came up with the concept of NICU Fairy Godmothers. Mothers who have been through NICU who can spread some cheer, hope and light. Whether this be online or if it could translate into something more tangible. Not so much hardcore support, but little glimmers of hope in dark days on the unit, or once you are home with your baby.

Someone who can appear with a cut lunch, or a casserole, or a little care package. Someone who can run an errand, or do your laundry. Someone who can drive you to the hospital, or pick up a prescription. And bake cake. Cake definitely enhances breastmilk production.....

Online, I'd love to see a team of fairy godmothers who can send a little message, befriend a new preemie mum, just say hi and give a virtual hug. 

Definitely something to think more about!


  1. Brilliant. Our unit's charity started doing little initiatives like this but I don't had the planning, support of people to make it regular or expand it. It would have been such a good resource though, and would be for the future!

  2. Sounds a lovely idea x

  3. A brilliant idea! Keep me updated :) x