Saturday, 15 December 2012

10 Fun Festive Things to Do Next Week

I wrote on Thursday about my problems with Christmas and that this year I want to enjoy the lead up and have fun. So I thought what better way than to plan some activities and I have you all to keep me honest! I will blog about what we do as well so you can share the fun!

We're going on a (Polar) Bear Hunt

One of Joseph's favourite books is We're Going on a Bear Hunt. We'll read the story Sunday night then first thing Monday we'll start our hunt. Our local Garden Centre has an awesome Christmas display.....with polar bears! Hopefully weather permitting we'll walk, if not there's a bus right to the door! Joseph hasn't been there at Christmas since he was a baby so he won't remember, which will add to the excitement.

Magical cupcakes and sausage rolls

Christmas is all about giving. We have two treasured elderly neighbours that live nearby. Firstly Pat, who was a Salvation Army Officer, we will make her some cupcakes with an angelic theme. Secondly Ernie and his grown up sons. They are not cupcake people I don't think, so we will make them some yummy festive sausage rolls. We'll do our making in the morning on Tuesday and our giving in the afternoon.

Make a snow man

I have started this today, snow or no snow. I have a great pattern for a papier mache snowman, that we can fill with treats as a pinata. I'll do the papier mache and then we'll pain him or her on Wednesday. No photos yet as it is in a very embryonic stage and looks a little scary!

Sing Christmas Carols

Joseph loves to sing and one afternoon this week we'll dust out the Christmas songs and have a good sing song!

Make a Chocolate Log

On Friday we're going to make a chocolate log, to have over the weekend before Christmas. A bit untraditional but there is so much rich food on the day that I thought it would be nice thing to make and to share with the neighbours too.

Glitter snowflakes

I bought some love cutters from TKMaxx, and I'm going to make some glitter playdough in white for Joseph to play with. He loves play dough!

Christmas Cookies

On Thursday we're going to bake some tree decorations. The tree is up and looks lovely but some biscuits would finish it off nicely. I didn't want to do these too early as I appear to have a 3 foot high rat living somewhere between the living room and the kitchen, and wanted some on the tree on Christmas day!

Animal hunt

Weather permitting on Friday we're going to go to Heaton Park and take photos of the animals and then catalogue them. Joseph adores animals and he will enjoy going to the farm park and finding them!

Christmas message

With all Joseph's extended family living abroad, this week we are going to record a Christmas message and Daniel, my friend is going to help us edit it, or talk me through it, as he is a whizz and I have no clue! It should be great fun as Joseph loves to talk! (not my child clearly)

Card delivering

Also this week we are going to take a twilight trip to Stubbins, the village where we used to live, and take some cards and gifts. One of the houses is always spectacularly lit, so we'll go and visit that too.

I am really excited about this last full week before Christmas and look forward to spending it with Joseph and getting in the festive spirit!


  1. Great ideas, looking forward to the updates (and editing of course)

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