Saturday, 8 December 2012

The Drugs Don't Work.....

Um yes they actually do.

So it's been six weeks since I wrote that post, Jimmy Savile is Dead. Six weeks is a long time in politics, the media, and as it would turn out at NEaBoS Towers. (I'm loving the anachronism, I can't remember who coined it, if it was you, please own up!)

So initially I had commented on a few blog posts anonymously, then after consulting a very dear friend of mine, decided to open up on my blog about things that happened a long long time ago, which was very cathartic. But, my readers, that was only the start of the story.

Following the post a lot of memories came flooding back, and emotion, and with that anxiety. I decided to go and have a chat to my GP who was highly sympathetic and supportive and suggested I tried Paroxetine.

I approached my very caring employers and they gave me the number for their Employee Assistance Programme, and I have commenced a course of counselling, which is helping enormously.

The Paroxetine has not only stemmed the anxiety, its given me better clarity of thought. It's also helped me slow down a bit, and take time to enjoy things again, like being a mum. Hence the lack of blogging, as I am sleeping more, spending more time with friends, and a lot more time with Joseph. I am cheered enormously by my friends and the support I have received.

What is also amazing is the IBS has gone. I am no longer bloated, I am beginning to lose weight, and bought size 18 jeans for the first time in six years. I thought it was just coincidence, but have discovered that even in the absence of psychological symptoms, Paroxetine is used in persistent IBS, so hooray for Paroxetine, it's really helped a lot.

There's a lot of stigma around mental health, and around anti depressant and anti anxiety medication. Some brains just don't work effectively and need a little help. For me it appears to be just from time to time, and I anticipate working to come off these sometime, probably not for 12 months or so yet.

If you have arthritis, you take anti-inflammatories, for asthma you take inhalers, it makes sense that sometimes if your brain is broken you take the meds. And give them a chance.

Life is looking brighter and I am greatly looking forward to 2013 with new challenges and a renewed focus.


  1. Awwww. I'm so pleased for you huni. You sound much happier here, and I am glad that you are getting to enjoy that quality family time! Here's to many, many more happy weeks, and months, for you! Xx

  2. You are doing so well, the Paroxetine has helped a lot, but you are also stronger than you think and planned things well, knowing what support you would need, I'm proud to be your friend and am sure 2013 will be a great year x

  3. Pleased to hear you are feeling better and looking forward to 2013 is a great improvement x