Sunday, 16 December 2012

Twelve Twitter Tweeples

That I would love to have over for a dinner party.

Sheldon - who belongs to @Daniel___Bsc sporting the hat and scarf I knitted for him

I love Twitter. I really really do. It took me a while to come to grips with it and now I have a beautiful bunch of people, some of whom have become the dearest of friends.

I was rereading this marvellous post, Twitter is Like by Dorkymum (who can't be on the list as I've met her in real life already and know she would be the consummate dinner party guest!), and came to thinking that some nights lately Twitter has been like a fun, lively dinner party for me. So what an amazing way to introduce you to some of my favourite folk on Twitter.

So my first criteria for guest selection was that I haven't met these people in real life (yet) which is why there are some ommissions.  This may be another post! I have managed to have an equal split of men to women, which was unintentional, but rather clever! These are all people that I interact with not just follow. I hesitate to say no "big name" celebrities, because there are a couple on here who are quite well known. These are all people whose opinion I value, who make me smile, laugh, and think. Several of them are people I can call on when I am sad or lonely and are real friends.

Daniel My dear friend Daniel needs little introduction if you have read my blog in the last few months as he has guest posted for me. Daniel is so funny, quick witted, intelligent, insightful and caring. He also does not "do" parties and would be a bit grumpy at being invited I think. So it's just as well that two of his close Twitter friends are friends of mine too, and they can call sit together at the end of the table! They might even lead him astray.

Professor Francesca Stavrokopoulu Francesca would make a fabulous dinner party guest, though would possibly break rules, I doubt, like one of my other guests, she would stay away from religion, and possibly not politics either. Francesca would bring a depth of conversation to the table, and my I say, probably a bit of silliness too, when partnered with her double act.

Stamatina sister of Francesca, Stam is great fun at parties, and I know this as I have seen the pictures! Together with Francesca she would be guaranteed to cheer Daniel up and include him in the party, whether he likes it or not. Only thing is, I would possibly lock the vodka up until all the food had been consumed.

Becca whilst Francesca would definitely break the religion rule, I am relying on Becca to break the politics one! Becca is a great Twitter friend, quick witted, clever and writes an amazing blog. She is the type of person who makes you think things in a different way. One of the things I love about Becca is her ability to challenge people's perceptions about prettiness, disability and periods.

Odette is a lovely Twitter friend, and would help to keep order at this end of the table, in fact I am relying on her. Odette is so inspiring, swimming, golfing and has lovely dogs! I trust her to deepen the conversation and reign in the religion and politics somewhat!

Ranj Singh I often say I followed Dr Ranj before he became famous! My definition of fame has changed since having a child. You are not truly famous til most under 5s know your name. Dr Ranj would definitely bring a lot of fun to the table, not trusted to stay off politics, particularly if we get onto the NHS. And he can even sing the poo song if he wants, but perhaps wait til after coffee and chocolates...

Shelly It's not a dinner party without a fellow Tasmanian! I met Shelly as she is a fellow Richmond Tigers fan, and we've really hit it off! I am hoping Shelly brings some treats from home. She is guaranteed to bring her lively sense of humour, and we'll drive everyone nuts with Tassie in jokes and Aussie culture.

Dan will also bring some Aussie flavour to the table. Dan provides some great financial advice in his blog but is so much more than just a financial planner.  Dan is witty, interesting, and also very caring. He can chat on a wide range of topics, and I am also relying on him to steer the conversation away from politics and religion.

Tattoed Mummy is one of my long standing tweet mates! A prolific tweeter, and a lovely combination of fierce, friendly and funny. Not to be trusted to keep to any rule, she would certainly be great fun at a dinner party. Might possibly fight Stam for the vodka so I will be sure to have plenty in supply.

Bobby Ghaheri MD is just one on his own. I mean with someone who has on his Twitter bio "I pick noses and clean earwax" just has to be the ideal dinner guest. I am going to have my work cut out for me at this dinner party catering for vegetarians, Paleo eaters and everything in between I fear. Sat firmly at the bacon end of the table, bacon ice cream anyone?

Hisham Rana MD was one of the first people I ever followed on Twitter, found through a retweet about medical issues. He is my go to person for the latest research, and he is great fun too. Although I am not sitting him with Bobby, that is just asking for trouble. Sorry guys! And no talking about cars at the table, unless you bring me a nice one for my hostess gift!

Rev Richard Coles you have to admire someone with so many followers who operates such an interactive, supportive account. I count him as one of my Twitter friends, someone who inspires, provokes thought, but is never preachy. Another not guaranteed to stay off religion or politics, and I am still deciding whether to sit him next to Prof Francesca or at the opposite end of the table, though I gather they have as much that unites them as divides them.

So there you have my 12 Twitter Tweeples I would invite to dinner. Who are yours?


  1. Thanks for the invite, I'm among some amazing people I see, hope I can live up to being with such a crowd! I'm thinking of copying your idea, my problem is there may be too few men, will need to think hard (plus half my guests are already on your list).

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