Tuesday, 5 February 2013

For Matilda Mae

On Sunday I was stressed. I won't go into detail today but Joseph had said something that I'd had to report to Social Services. Then on Sunday the police specialist Child Protection Team interviewed me. My dear friend Kylie has her son Lllewellyn in hospital and I just felt so totally overwhelmed. I had a work trip to London on my schedule and my train was booked for 1.35. So I left my precious son with his dad, and made the trip. My consolation was that I could visit Kylie and be there for her.

This tree is near where I am staying, at night it glows with fairy lights

I knew I had to work on the train. I paid £15 for an upgrade to first class and took my seat. I plugged in Leonard, my work laptop, and I opened Facebook to work on my Bliss Manchester page. Suddenly I was faced with the most earth shattering news. My dear friend Jennie had lost her precious daughter Matilda Mae at just 9 months.

Now there are many parent bloggers sharing their thoughts and love for Jennie. But you see, I don't know Jennie as a parent blogger. Jennie is Bliss sister. I met her on the the Bliss Forum and her blog at first was just a record for her twins William and Esther born at 27 weeks.

Jennie and her husband funded my Cybermummy trip in 2011. She has always been a huge support to me. When she told me she was pregnant and it was "all their own work" for the twins had been IVF, I was delighted. When she told me that they had thought of the name Matilda I was over the moon. Jennie could not have known that Joseph, should he have been a girl, would be Matilda.

Like everyone, I feel helpless. Because I would not know Matilda but for Bliss I have set up this fund in her name.

You can learn more about Matilda on Jennie's Blog.

My heart is breaking, I can't stop thinking of Matilda, and my heart is with Jennie and her family.


  1. A lovely thing to do Kylie. I have just been over and lit a candle xxx

  2. Kylie, I share your distress. I found Jennie's blog when my Matilda was born, the same time as her twins, and found it a source of strength. Now for this to happen, out of the blue, I cannot believe, or stop thinking about it. Xx

  3. Bless you Kylie, and bless the beautiful Matilda Mae xxx

  4. Jennies blog is coming up as malware when I click the link. My heart bleeds for them all.....and there but for the grace of god.....

  5. I'm having the same problem.

  6. It was a temporary bug with a false positive from google, seems okay now

  7. ThePrincessandtheFrock12 February 2013 at 21:01

    I would like to leave a donation but am having a similar problem to others and cannot get into the website. Do you know if there is still an issue with the page? xxx

  8. The issue before was with Jennie's blog this a new problem I'll look into it

  9. http://bliss.tributefunds.com/ It's currently down for maintenance