Sunday, 10 February 2013

Matilda Mae - No More Next Times

Being a member of the premature baby community for 3 and half years now, sadly baby loss is not uncommon. Every loss is so hard, I have lost count of the number of babies I have mourned. Every single one breaks my heart and makes me weep. I don't see myself as a leader just a mum standing alongside another. I haven't walked in Jennie's shoes personally, I can only imagine the deep pain she is going through. I feel a deep sense of loss and I only met Matilda once.

Last Sunday I learnt the previous night a baby had died. Matilda Mae. Matilda was a precious angel, I met her at Britmums Live, watched her with her mummy, and as she was only very new thought "next time I will have a cuddle". I followed her progress and watched her grow via her mummy's beautiful blog.  Matilda has no more next times. Matilda Mae was 9 months old. A healthy term baby, just tragically fell asleep and never woke up.

I know that all of us who blog and those who know Jennie through Bliss are with her at this time. I know everyone is thinking of ways to remember and honour this special precious little girl.

So on her "giving back to God day" I invite you to do the following:-

  • Wear pink or purple for Matilda Mae
  • Sing Make Me A Channel of Your Peace
  • Blow some bubbles for her - which is what her family and friends will be doing at the ceremony. 
  • At 8pm play Muse's starlight really loud so Matilda Mae can hear it
  • Consider, if you haven't already, making a donation to her precious star fund which can be found here
Once I know the date I will edit this post and republish it.