Friday, 29 March 2013

Blogging, Bliss and the BBC

I had the very great pleasure this morning to be invited onto the Eamonn O'Neill show this morning on BBC Radio Manchester. If you missed it you can hear it here. 

If you have found me today because of my interview, welcome to my blog. If you live in the Manchester region and are wondering if volunteering is for you please feel free to email me at

Radio is a beautiful medium. My grandparents lived in Lilydale in Tasmania for the first 7 years of my life, and I stayed there often. All they had was "the wireless" no, broadband or internet back in those days, the wireless was a very old, beautiful radio. All our news and entertainment came from Radio.

Now in my 40s I find myself the same, listening to Radio 4 and Radio 2 with the occasional foray in Radio 6.

I am so grateful for the support of the BBC, I have been on Radio 5 Live, Radio London and Radio Manchester on several occasions. I have a passion for the medium.

Blogging has been very good to me. What I didn't get the chance to say today was this. Sally and the team at The MADS do a marvellous job not only arranging the awards but being true ambassadors for the medium. I love blogging, and as I said in my interview I am evangelical about it. I want everyone to try writing a blog!

We are looking for bloggers to write about their experiences of special care, and raising their special children for the Bliss blogging section of the website. Please contact me at if you are interested.

Blogging is a lovely way of getting your thoughts and feelings across and I am so grateful for every opportunity I have been given and for the skills, friendships and perks I have gained through blogging.

Thank you to all of you who supported for me and cared for me in the time this blog has been running. And here's to many more years of Not Even A Bag of Sugar in one form or another.

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  1. Hi Kylie - Just wanted to say I love your blogs. I'm from Manchester but haven't lived there for a number of years now. My son George was nine weeks early and although it was thought that he would be a complicated sort (He is dextrocardia situs inversus) he has turned out ok. He is now 9 years old and at the time Bliss was the only place we could turn to. The day before his birthday I still have to have a moment to myself and recall how everything changed. Nothing can prepare you for a premature baby. Our closest friends 7 years later had their twin boys 14 weeks early and sadly Jesse died three days later. They like us used Bliss and now we try and do as much fundraising as possible for a wonderful charity. I turned to your blog to get impartial advice to pass on to other friends. And whilst I don't plan on having any more children (two's enough) I still enjoy reading your blog.