Sunday, 7 April 2013

A Bathroom for Someone Born to be Different

Galaxia Bathroom suite
When I broached the subject of adapting our bathroom with my husband, it was with a heavy heart. My husband, Corey doesn't make a fuss, he just gets on with it. You maybe have seen the Channel 4 series Born to be Different. Our natural favourite is Zoe, born with Arthrogryposis.

You see my husband has the same condition as Zoe. If you have watched the programme you will remember Zoe with her elbows that don't bend and issues with her ankles and feet. In my husband's case his wrists are affected but elbows are fine. It's his knees, ankles and toes most badly affected. He has had numerous procedures to try and help correct his problems, but sadly there are no further surgical options. He is limited in movement and it's getting worse.

We had to buy our current house in a hurry, Joseph was born 3 months premature, we were living in a one bedroom flat, when he was one we moved here. In the three years since we moved my husband's mobility has decreased and he is struggling to be able to step into the bath. The bath has no shower over it. In addition Corey's toes are bent over and cleaning them is difficult, and he is getting recurrent fungal infections.

Our current propertly only has a bath, but we don't want to put a shower over it until we can afford to have it removed and a proper walk in shower installed. This suite from Bathshop321 would be ideal. The Galaxia is sleek, looks simple to clean and would give Corey some more freedom.

I am quite philosophical about losing the bath, my parents house in Australia only has a shower, and Joseph isn't a huge fan of baths.

My only dilemma will be how to decorate? Classic, bohemian, retro, outdoorsy? Check out my eclectic Pinterest board....Bathe

My entry into the Tots100/Bathshop321 Competition

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