Saturday, 6 April 2013

Maternity Clothing - Are You Serious?

This is one of the only pictures of me in a maternity specific item. I bought it online at Next, and I loved it. I wore it for a few weeks and then delivered. The morning before I went to hospital I received a beautiful linen dress via home delivery. I wore it twice after delivery then never again. It made me look pregnant.

As a blogger I often get asked to publish content for Search Engine Optimisation firms. Sometimes, though not often, these firms even offer us money to do so. I always say no.

Since the award nomination I am increasingly asked to host content, and often from maternity clothing firms, often some very big ones that you would know the name of, and sometimes from lesser known ones. They usually start with "I have read your blog and we love it and would love you to host some articles about how to look fantastic in later pregnancy".

They have NOT read my blog. That is a lie.

For if you had read my blog you would know that the vast majority of my mums spend their last trimester sitting in a hospital, in whatever is clean and gives good access for kangaroo care, and doesn't cause you to overheat. You would know that glamorous parties are the last possible things on our mind.

You would know we spend the third trimester not moaning about feeling uncomfortable, or that nothing fits, or that we feel frumpy. You would know we are stressed beyond measure we may not take our babies home.

Does my title, my header picture not say enough?

If you are peddling maternity garments would you kindly please go away.

However great clothes for kangaroo care, and you may be on to a winner.


  1. How strange that they're asking you to promote maternity clothes when the whole point of being a premmie mum is that we (well, a lot of us) don't get to the later stages of pregnancy that would require maternity clothes!

  2. A range of clothes for Kangeroo care is a fab idea! I was constantly thinking what can I wear that would allow easy access!!! :)


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