Friday, 5 April 2013


Joseph has been attending just about full time nursery for the past month. He's finding the long days a little challenging but his development appears to have gone through the roof. Up until recently I was concerned he still wasn't jumping. I had stopped even trying to teach him, as a) there is no sports bra in the world strong enough to prevent a black eye b) I felt ridiculous and c) I was concerned for our floor boards.

The other day I was quietly sitting in the living rooom when from upstairs I heard "to infinity and beyond!" followed by a rather loud thud. "Hooray", I thought, "he's learned to jump". I whizzed upstairs and he said "mummy now I've learnt to jump when do I learn to fly?"

On Good Friday Joseph asked my very non-churched husband "how did Jesus die?" and Corey came some sort of explanation involving Pontius Pilate. Then Joseph, an hour later asked me "Why did Jesus die?", me being churched tried to give a Sunday school answer about sin and Jesus dying so that we would be saved. Joseph trotted off quite happily.

On Saturday we had the news on and Joseph asked "mummy and daddy, can you tell me about North and South Korea?" We both turned to him and said "just ask us the Jesus question, that's much easier".

Life is just one continuous question for Joseph, which is great, and its lovely to hear him articulate all this wonder into questions. "Why do some people get sick?" "Why do people die?" "Will Father Christmas die on day? "Will he die on a cross mummy?"

Now to find the book of answers.......


  1. Ha, I love that answer! The questions do come thick and fast after a while. Suddenly every word you use becomes dangerous! Great post x

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