Thursday, 9 May 2013

Dear Pre eclampsia

Dear Pre eclampsia,

I hate you. You robbed me of my pregnancy. You made me so sick that there were concerns I could die. You made them cut my baby out and put him in a box. He was very sick too.

You have taken precious babies away from friends of mine. The lovely Danielle who blogs here about her beautiful boy R and Dawn who blogs at the Moiderer to name just two.

You cause doctors, midwives, nurses and researchers no end of trouble, without your shape shifting sneaky ways. You can come in at any time during pregnancy. You can pretend to be something else. You can come slowly or suddenly.

You can strike in first pregnancies and never again. You can stay away in first pregnancies then sneak up in subsequent ones.

Because of you, we have had been advised to have no more babies. You have taken my dreams of having more babies away from me. Never again will I be pregnant. And that's down to you. I hope you are happy. 

You cannot be cured, except by taking babies away from their mothers.

You are an evil, nasty, malicious horrible condition.

I cannot tell you how much I hate you. I am angry. Not for myself, because I have won. But I am angry that women die every year due to you. And many, many babies. It shouldn't be that way.

You strike fat women, and thin and everyone in between. Healthy women, unhealthy women. You are indiscriminate.

One day there will be tests, treatments, and maybe even a cure. One day. And I hope to live to see it.

Until then, I will be there, watching you, looking out for other women and their babies.

I hate you pre eclampsia. 


  1. Thanks for the post. Doctors mistreated my preeclampcia resulting in my son having a stroke shortly before his birth. I hate preeclampcia.

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