Wednesday, 15 May 2013

International Kangaroo Care Day

International Kangaroo Care Day is such an important day to me. When Joseph was in hospital I read a lot of leaflets written by Bliss, and had access to some great resources and was keen to start kangaroo care early. I just thought it was standard, I never expected to come across opposition.

The consultants were all keen for us to have kangaroo care, but the nursing staff felt we should wait. And wait we did. Until Joseph was 5 weeks old. I have since learnt that there has been a lot more research done in those 4 years and now babies are having kangaroo care much younger and that's amazing.

Kangaroo care is important for babies. It teaches them to regulate their temperature, it comforts them, it stimulates growth.

For parents, it helps restore what was lost at birth. It bridges the gap between premature delivery and taking your baby home. It's beautiful to be reunited with your baby. Time stands still.

Bliss, the charity I work for, are committed to the consistent provision of kangaroo care. Together with Best Beginnings they have put together a pack for units to help them facilitate kangaroo care.

Kangaroo care is a vital part of family centred care, but its increasingly recognised it has substantial clinical benefits for the baby as well.

Did you kangaroo? 


  1. I did and I loved it. I could see how it helped Mr Boo as I worriedly stared at the monitors and saw his SATs rising and it helped me, psychologically, too. And I was lucky (and I know this is sadly rare for premmie mums) as it enabled me to breastfeed him exclusively by the time he ce home.

  2. Blogged about this myself today too. We LOVED Kangaroo Care xxx