Monday, 13 May 2013

Like a Lamb

I have been around disability my whole life. I was considered disabled for a period of my life when I was a child, and then it was decided I wasn't. Happy days. To me, disability was nothing. I met all sorts of kids, and growing up I always had friends with disabilities. To this end, I now just don't see disability. I see variance. All of us are "disabled" to some extent or another, none of us are perfect.

When Collin Brewer (yes two l's - seriously) first hit the news in February with his mindboggling and archaic views, I was stunned that in the 21st century people could still think like that about children with disabilities, that some of them shouldn't be here.

Imagine my shock when Hayley from Downssideup brought my attention to his latest comments which you can read here. He likens a disabled baby to a deformed lamb. You put down deformed lambs don't you?

There are so many thoughts in my head but here are three.

When Joseph was born nobody knew what the outcome would be. We were given a range of possible scenarios. Would Collin Brewer have likened Joseph to a deformed lamb? Withdrawn treatment?

My husband was born with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita. His hands, feet and knees all badly affected. He had years of surgery and now faces more. He also works, pays tax, and is a great father and husband most of the time.
This is my best friend Daniel, you can read his thoughts on Mr Brewer here. Daniel is an insightful, intelligent, hilarious person. Everyone who meets Daniel is touched by his kindness and thoughtfulness. He has a degree, he contributes where he can, by helping friends, furthering causes and generally just being amazing. Who cares that he needs government support? I can't think of many people I would rather my taxation going to. This is what a caring society is all about, surely?

Who decides who is worth saving and who isn't? Who is prepared to make the call of which baby is "worth" saving and which ones are not? Who is qualified to make that call?

No one.

What would my life be without these three special people Mr Brewer? Tell me that?


  1. Wasn't aware of Mr Brwer's comments and have sat here, literally open mouthed, at his ignorance. Clearly his 'disability' is the p***s growing out of his forehead, however, I don't think surgery has yet been made available for that!!! Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Fab posting xx

  2. Life has no worth anymore to people. They see people as a drain on society and not for what they bring to society and the joy they bring to those around them. Just sickens me... Didn't Hitler want to create the perfect race?

  3. I am old. You see this often periods of economic recession and downturn. People pick on the weakest in society.

    It really has to stop.

  4. Hi I am disabled, with a disabled child, and like you have grown up around it. I was nearly in tears when I saw his new comments but then I realised he really is not worth anything more than pity.
    Lovely written piece too. I have written about Mr Brewer from my perspective but not quite so eloquently.

  5. Followed a link form DownSide Up to read this. Brilliantly written. Perfectly summed up. xxx

  6. Kylie, you are incredible. I am sobbing (having just read Daniel's post first). You are so right in every way. This post makes me want to meet Daniel more than ever. H x

  7. I just can't imagine my life without these people. Daniel for example, gives so much he is amazing. And he has no idea he is!