Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mother's Day

I am sure I have broken a cardinal sin of blogging as I post this picture quite often. But I don't care.

Today is Mother's Day for most of the world...... I sent tulips to my mother, I have them growing in the backyard, but since she is not around the corner, sadly, I had to order some. Fortuitously I found just the same colour as the favourite ones out the back, and even more so, they were called Kylie, how wonderful!

Today I have been thinking a lot about Live Aid. Random I know but I was listening to music on YouTube yesterday and came across Oz for Africa, the Australian leg of Live Aid all those years ago.

No child of the 80's would have been untouched by the images from Africa, mothers crying for their children who were going to die, because of malnutrition. We all placed our faith in Geldof, Ure, Bono et al. We really thought music might just change the world.

But here we are knocking on the door of 30 years since Live Aid, and I wonder, is life any brighter for a mother in Africa than it was in 1985? Have we made enough difference?

And I am sure in many ways we have done amazing things since then. We have come a lot further in our thinking in terms of charity and how we help developing nations. We have better programmes, more responsive solutions, and have charities and campaigning organisations who really care.

But I wonder what I as a mother can do? I want to do more. It bothers me that 500 000 babies a year could be saved just by kangaroo care alone. It's free. But on speaking to a mother from Venezuela on Twitter, it's clear that there are huge cultural changes and acceptance of research that needs to take place. This mother had no kangaroo care at all. Her baby is fine thankfully, but we need to take this message out, mother to mother.

One thing hasn't changed. In 1985 I wanted to get out there and change the world.

And in 2013 I still do.

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