Thursday, 2 May 2013

My Weekend with George

When Mumsnet offered to send me to a cooking class and watch the George Foreman grill in action I was very intrigued. You see George and I have been around the block. Twice. And it starts well, but then, he gets old, stale, and ends up back in the cupboard.


I was given a George grill to try. Now this is the Grill and melt. George now works two ways if you choose this option. He cooks both sides by pressing down on the food like he always did, or in this model he has a floating hinge, which means you can grill cheese, cook fish fingers etc.

I cooked in it all weekend. I tried fish fingers and a ready made pizza for Joseph, both were perfect. I used the floating hinge for these. I cooked fajitas which were amazing!

raw fajitas
cooked fajitas

I also did lamb chops in a lemon and olive oil marinade, some paninis and a cooked breakfast.
 The only thing I didn't cook under George were the eggs.

I have to say I am delighted with the new George. He costs £49.99 for this model but is on offer at Argos at present I notice. He is easier to clean than he ever was. The floating hinge is a real boon and I love that feature. This was the two person model and is plenty big enough for two and a bit. 

People often ask me what to buy a new parent of a premature baby and to me this is ideal, a few of you get together and buy George and put together a food hamper, job done. George cooks so quickly, is easy to clean, you don't have to warm up the oven, I love George!

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