Sunday, 9 June 2013

A Little Round Up

It's been a busy time for me lately. I passed my 3 month probation at Bliss and I'm commencing recruitment activity for our volunteer roles in Manchester and also East Lancashire. If you are interested in getting involved, the time commitment is two to three hours a week and you could really make a difference to a baby in special care. Contact me to find out more.

Joseph is doing well in nursery, and has got into our primary school of choice. There are beginning to be little whispers that he may be on the autistic spectrum, which comes as no great surprise, but its just watch and wait for now. He is doing so well and I am really proud of him. The premmie game continues in my head, this time 4 years ago he was just finishing week one in HDU, he has come a long way since then.

I am attending Britmums in two weeks time. I am speaking on a panel with some gorgeous blogging friends, and then reading Jimmy Savile is Dead. I am really excited about doing this, and feel that its something I really need to do, even though its scary. Following this I am having a photo shoot done, partly for my own journey but also as part of Kate's Naked Mums initative. It's not about gratuity or sex or anything like that, its reclaiming my body for me, and being proud of it and that its carried me thus far.

Finally I wanted to tell you about two blogs you should be reading. The first is Premmeditations: Reflections on Premmie Parenting. It's a truly stunningly written blog, and I love it very much. Please follow and support it. My own blogging is sporadic as I am so busy at present and Premmeditations is a very thought provoking read on premmie issues.

The second blog is written by a dear friend of mine Kimberley. Ruby + Lottie has stunning photography, beautiful writing and stories of HOPE Helping Others and Promoting Education, mainly around Hypermesis but also other conditions of pregnancy.

The yarn bomb is still ticking a long too and I will update about that next time!


  1. Thank you so much. As you know, Not Even a Bag of Sugar was the first blog I ever read on my own in a hospital bed the night Boo was born. I wanted to understand and it helped so much. I love Ruby+Lottie too!

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