Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Blogging with Heart

Photo Courtesy of Liska from New Mum Online
Bloggers write for different reasons. Some bloggers keep a record of their daily lives, some write about political issues, about charity, about politics, some write reviews and work with PR a lot, we are all different.

But one thing unites us, we all put our heart and souls into our blogs. Blogging is a passion. Yes some fortunate few make a living from it, or because of it, but for most of us its a passionate hobby.

I mentioned in my last post I was on the Blogging with Heart panel with Hayley, Annie and Liska, talking about Blogging with Heart. Here are some of my tips and thoughts some of which I shared and some I didn't have time too.
  • We can all blog with heart from time to time, or all the time. Often if you have a burning thing in your heart, you will find a lot of people feel the same and will open up to you. It builds community and unites us.
  • If you are unsure of a post and nervous about it, test it. When I wrote Jimmy Savile is Dead I tested it first with a few people. I am really glad I did that as I knew it was strong, but there were some down sides with sharing it, and these people prepared me for them. 
  •  If you do share something very personal, be prepared for how you might manage the feedback. I had a lot of people open up to me about their own abuse, which was really lovely to be trused so much, but it was overwhelming at times.
  •  Some of us build our blogs around issues, like mine, around prematurity, and sometimes you can encounter negativity and bad feelings, and that's ok, we all have our own baggage and some people find it helps to put it on others. When you are that "other" it is hard but try not to personalise it if negativity happens, embrace it and move on. And find people who can support you through it.
  • Trolls happen. I am very fortunate only to have had one serious incident of trolling. Trolling is the act of deliberately being provocative or downright nasty to provoke comment. Trolling is very difficult to deal with especially if your blogging your heart out. Know your tools and your rights. It's your blog, your space. 
  • Find and build a supportive community. Blogging is amazing, you will find the most wonderful friendships and support. This alone will balance out any negativity you encounter.
What are your tips for blogging with heart?


  1. It was a joy to be alongside you in that session. You are formidable! Thank you so much for crediting my photo. You're a legend. I am glad people receive the support and advice you give via Bliss and your blog. Your heart is an asset to this blogging world.

  2. I thought that you did an AMAZING job speaking on Saturday afternoon and so brave. I am just sorry I did't get to meet you and spend more time with the lovely Liska x

  3. I am so glad I got an email notification of your comment Natalie. Lovely to hear that #Mwah. So we don't have to wait to next year, come to Mumsnet Blogfest :-) x

  4. Just because someone's opinion varies from yours does not mean it is trolling. For instance I disagreed with your decision to do a naked photo shoot. Not trolling just my opinion. We cant all agree thata life.But yes actual trolling is serious, but someone diaagreeing with you is not

  5. I really enjoyed this session!!! Well done all of you for sitting in front of everyone and baring your souls x