Thursday, 13 June 2013

Feeding the 5000 - Manchester

Manchester Feeding the 5000 - Piccadilly Gardens Manchester
12 noon - 4pm on Saturday 15th June 2013
This Saturday Manchester Friends of the Earth will be feeding the 5000 with a free, hot nutritious lunch with food that would otherwise be wasted. Bendy carrots, potatoes with too many eyes, a misshapen tomato, supermarkets won't sell these perfectly edible items, and they end up being ploughed back into the ground or thrown out.

Households waste around 20% of the food they buy. I know I have worked hard to reduce waste but even now I still get it wrong and overbuy at times, especially with my huge change in working hours and Joseph being in full time nursery sometimes I get it wrong and end up throwing food on to my compost heap.

Feeding the 5000 is an international campaign, that is designed to raise awareness of food waste and to encourage us all to make a difference to the amount of food that is thrown away needlessly. 

At the event on Saturday there will be cooking demonstrations, practical solutions to reducing waste at home and a chance to meet new people and talk about important issues.

My office is near the Manchester Friends of the Earth crew, and I've been impressed by their dedication and passion and encourage you all to come down and visit on Saturday, have a free lunch and learn about food waste, and perhaps get involved in the deeper issues, and help us all to reduce food waste.

Wonky carrots - Valerie Stokes


  1. I'm already doing this myself! My Mum grew up during the War years and taught me never to waste food: I'm always especially shocked if I'm eating at someone else's house and all the left over food is scraped into the bin!

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