Monday, 1 July 2013

#Pbloggers Guide to Kred and Klout

I joined in a discusstion on Twitter the other day with some parent bloggers who were saying they needed to improve their Kred and Klout for their Tots100 score. Now I'm no expert but I thought I'd share what I do know.

I've been blogging a while now, and now don't blog nearly as often as I used to, because I just don't have the time I once had. However my Tots100 score is still pretty solid, and that's largely down to Kred and Klout.

Kred and Klout are measures of your effectiveness on social media. They are not perfect and they are just numbers, I don't take numbers too seriously but this is what I've learned.

People with good Klout and Kred scores are just that people. You know who they are, what their personality is like, and have a feel for their interests. To have a good score, you need your personality to shine through. 

To have decent Klout and Kred you need to chat. You need to talk to a variety of people, stick to the same folk all the time and your Klout and Kred will stay static. Reach out to interesting people and talk to them. But don't be needy. What I love about Klout in particular as that was the first one I used, is that it made me be less shy, and to reach out to others. I enjoy social media and the numbers are just fun for me.

Share interesting stuff but with a comment on it. Just an article is ok but saying something about it either alongside or a tweet afterwards will help boost your profile, and also get your personality across.

Ask questions on your networks, serious ones, silly ones, people love giving advice too, and it gets people talking.

Join in things like Twitter parties are a great way to meet new people, get your content shared and have fun.

Observe other folk and see how they are doing on Klout and Kred and emulate them, but don't copy. See what sort of things they do, but be selective. Some who have strong Klout and Kred post controversial stuff all day long, and if that's not your style, it wouldn't make sense to emulate that.

Choose the networks that work for you. My Klout and Kred were slightly higher last year because I was working across a few social networks, now I have Facebook very much in the background, and Twitter is my main source of social media fun. There's huge amounts of networks out there, Google +, Linked In etc, but it doesnt make sense to use them all, it ends up diluting what you do, you can't do everything.

Remember blogging and social media is fun. The numbers game should be fun, if your self worth is getting tied up into the numbers game, step back from it.


  1. Great tips, thanks! I like the idea of talking to lots of different people... Will definitely bear these in mind.

  2. Interesting - surprised to hear that Kred and Klout are counted w/tots100 (not a member so don't know much about the scoring) because they're actually fairly easy to game from what I gather. Not sure where most parent bloggers would find the time, mind you!

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