Tuesday, 27 August 2013

End of an Era - Goodbye Quinny Zapp

A time comes in mother's life when you just have to let go. For 18 months now our beloved Quinny Zapp has been folded up in our shed. My husband finally reached the end of his tether at the weekend and threatened to take it the tip. So I decided to find it a home, and it leaves today. Sob.

When pregnant I had decided on a Quinny Buzz 3 travel system for Joseph. I hadn't got around to ordering it, was going to do that after my 28 week growth scan. Of course Joseph arrived the week before I had the scan. We bought the maxi cosi car seat only and decided to make decisions once he got home.

My husband is disabled, we had a one bedroom flat, and decided the Quinny Buzz was just not going to work for us, so we got the Quinny Zapp. The Zapp took the maxi cosi car seat for Joseph's first year so it was ideal for that. Once he got into a pushchair the Zapp came into its own.

The Quinny Zapp has been to Australia twice, Dubai, Germany, numerous trips to London and other places. The Zapp folds up so easily and quickly, and fits under train seats. Its been on every form of transport you can think of.

It had its limitations, it doesn't recline which can be annoying. The footrest is set and can't be moved which is a nuisance. But Joseph always looking comfy in it. We also found the straps too loose and had to get a harness for little houdini.

I'm very sad to see it go, and hope its loved and used by another family with as much joy as we have had with it.

Goodbye Quinny Zapp we will miss you.

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  1. Definitely a bittersweet moment but hopefully it's going on to be loved and well used.