Friday, 2 August 2013

The Hottest Day of the Year and The National Football Museum


So today we went into Manchester to visit Manchester Friends of the Earth's Dig the City and take them some crocheted bees I'd made for their bee garden. Then Joseph and I went to Macdonalds. Then for a special treat a play in the Cathedral Gardens Fountains seeing it was a hot and sunny day.

Only the fountains were dry! Really? Why? Miserable kill joys. We went a few weeks ago and it was fun, full of flowing water and happy kids, today, nothing.

Bordering Cathedral gardens is the beautiful modern triangular building that once housed Urbis, a museum of urban life. Urbis was amazing, interactive and educational and I really did love it. I went quite often with the kids I used to look after who all had quite severe disabilities. There was something for everyone.

Now Urbis has been taken over by the National Football Museum. Of course, Joseph having been there with his dad, and seeing the dry neglected fountains decided this was a good way to fill the afternoon.

What a godforsaken hell hole. It's full of football. No culture, no music, no art, just football. Yawnfest. Up on the fourth floor is some fashion, but equally boring. I don't care what David Beckham's hair has looked like through the decades. Upstairs was like being trapped in a giant issue of OK magazine, my own personal idea of hell, if trapped in a mecca of football wasn't punishment enough.

I miss Urbis. I miss fountains. I hate football.

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