Thursday, 29 August 2013

You are Four

Now you are four.

You love your own company. You love to sit and think. You love to tell me your deepest thoughts. 

You ask the most amazing questions "Mummy why do some babies die?" "Mummy why did I live in hospital for so long?" 

 Now you are four you can bake with minimal assistance. My little firecracker can stay still long enough to crack eggs and beat cake mixture.

Now you are four your senses don't overwhelm you as much as they once did. You will get messy and not panic.

You will play with new boys and girls, but you are still a bit shy.

Now you are 4 some things haven't changed, watermelon still makes you happy as do most fruits, but you still hate vegetables, and meat, well unless its a sausage, a fish finger or a chicken nugget just forget it.

Now you are four you love Batman, and Ironman, Angry Birds and Dr Who. All your clothes have some sort of superhero or game on them. And playing Mario on your DS is your favourite thing to do.

In a time of change, with leaving nursery and starting school somethings haven't changed. Your love for Mucky Coat Blanket remains and he's never far away, but only at home now thank goodness.

Regularly you come over and say "mummy can I have a hug on the sofa?"

Joseph you are amazing, and we are so proud of you.

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