Monday, 30 September 2013

Britmums Live and Paying it Forward

The first blogging network I ever heard of was Britmums. When I signed up I started to meet other bloggers, and started learning a lot too, very quickly. I loved getting to know fellow bloggers. In 2011 I attended Cybermummy, the forerunner to Britmums Live. After this my blogging really lifted, I met a lot of other bloggers, I learnt some key skills and my blog started to really grow.

In 2012 I attended the first Britmums Live and loved it so much, and enjoyed watching my blogging further grow and develop. I was thrilled to be part of the bloggers working with charity panel and met Camilla Batmangelidjh and chatted to her for ages which was a huge honour and an experience I will never forget.

Of course this year was incredible. I was part of the Blogging with Heart panel with Hayley from Downsside up, the incomparable Mammasaurus and the lovely Liska. It was an honour to be able to speak from the heart about what blogging has done for both me personally and the blogging community. And of course the highlight was reading Jimmy Savile is dead, a blog post that really did change my life.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about the experience and now I am closing this blog I wanted to pay it forward, some of the amazing experiences I have had. I have chosen two bloggers and have purchased their tickets to Britmums live.

The first is Single Mother Ahoy. I got to know this blogger through #pbloggers chat on a Sunday night. She was talking about Britmums Live and sponsorship. I decided that I would buy her ticket so she could concentrate on blogging and hopefully doing some charity blogging for Gingerbread.

Secondly I wanted to choose a dad blogger, so I chose Dad Who Blogs. I wanted blogs that had been around for a while, that had varied posts with a parenting focus but also weren't scared to discuss issues close to their heart. Both these bloggers haven't been to Britmums Live before. Coincidentally both these bloggers have had premature babies, but on the later end of the premmie spectrum.

I was going to stay anonymous but I felt I wanted to share these two blogs with you. I only hope both these bloggers get as much out of the Britmums Live experience as I have.

Just a reminder that the early bird rate ends at midnight.


  1. That's very ace of you, @dadwhoblogs was among the first blogs I read when I started (along with yours) and I know he'll be immensely grateful for this. Top bloke he is.

    I think it is a great loss to the blogging world that you're wrapping this one up, but I'm certain you've not taken the decision lightly, and I'm glad you feel you can do it (I think stopping must be one of the few things harder than starting, once you're established)

  2. What a fantastic thing to do. Wonderful xxx

  3. Kylie this is so nice of you. What a really great way to pay it forward x

  4. What a lovely thing to do!
    I'm very excited about attending my first BritMum's Live next year. It's been an amazing few months since I joined this community and started blogging. I can't wait to meet some of the wonderful people who have been so welcoming; you included

  5. Oh what a very sweet thing to do!!!

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