Sunday, 15 September 2013


As most of you will know, since writing Jimmy Savile is Dead I have been on a journey, to come to terms with my childhood and, to put it bluntly, grow up. I have found the most amazing therapist who as helped me, and have had a team of friends who have also been there for me and guided me and hugged me and wiped away my tears.

Next month is the anniversary of "coming out" as it were, and next week will be my final therapy session. I still have seven remaining if I relapse and need them, but Dr F and I have decided that it looks like I have the tools I need now to continue to improve.

Which brings me to Not Even a Bag of Sugar. I was talking to him yesterday about this blog and everything I have done with it and achieved through it. Finally the confirmation came to me. It's time to think of winding up.

November 17 is World Prematurity Day, and will be third as a blogger. I will do a 24 hour marathon to raise awareness and funds for Bliss then I will call it a day on November 18th.

I am not a "premmie mum" anymore. And writing general parenting blog just isn't me. I am busy with work, and I've had another revelation, I don't enjoy myself anymore. My life is just work, Joseph and online stuff and I need to broaden my horizons again. I need to swim, walk, write, read, crochet, knit, watch movies, see people. And that all takes time.

I am working on migrating the content on Sugar to a website, or perhaps even migrating it to someone who has an existing service for parents of premature babies.

I love Not Even A Bag of Sugar, its been my therapist, my friend, my support. The friends I have made through it have been there for me through thick and thin.

I will still be blogging sporadically at Kykaree and who knows, maybe another blog awaits me somewhere.

It's time to say goodbye to that part of my life, to the sadness, the regret, the guilt that as much as I try to exorcise I still have. I need a bright new future. Working for Bliss is amazing and I love it so much, and its enough. I can give back through that and that's important to me.

Please follow my journey in the next two months and contact me to find out more about getting involved in World Prematurity Day.


  1. Sounds like you are making the right move and you have so much here o help other premmie mums. Good luck in whatever the future holds

  2. I'll miss this, but I understand.x

  3. Good luck for whatever you get up to - sounds like you have achieved marvelous things already!

  4. Wow, Kylie, I think this is a brave and true decision, and I am so happy for you that you feel strong enough to move on from the sadness.

  5. Wow. Bit sad that you're ending this blog but wishing you all the best!