Monday, 23 September 2013

Mad Blog Awards - Most Outstanding Contribution

This video really says it all.

Watching this its quite sobering the company I am in . Bloggers I have aspired to, some I have helped, all of whom have helped me.

Being in this category for the MAD Blog Awards was amazing and such an honour.

But I knew I think we all knew who the Most Outstanding Contribution award would be given to.


Jennie has blogged her heart out. She has given us Matilda, her blog baby, from birth to her very sad death at just 9 months old. She blogged eloquently, beautifully, painfully.

Unbelievably she has had opposition, she has been hurt all over again, though nothing can compare to losing your baby, part of your heart.

Jennie has done more than that. She has brought a sometimes fragmented blogging community together, working together to help the Lullaby Trust so that mothers don't have to go through this heartbreaking trauma.

Everyone one of those bloggers nominated are outstanding. I can vouch for every one of them. We all have made an enormous and powerful contribution in our areas and beyond.

There are no losers, but there is one outstanding winner.

I love Jennie, I have known her before she was famous, when her twins her still in NICU I have seen her grow and develop as a mummy and a blogger.

I am immensely proud of what she has done. Of what love has done.

However I am proud of every single one of these outstanding bloggers, and I am so very thrilled to have been considered worthy enough to be there amongst them.


  1. This has made me cry so much x You are my inspiration Kylie and have been for so so long x Thank you x For everything x x x x xx

  2. That video made me all teary - it's a testament to the amazing wonderfulness of people, and you are quite rightly recognised among that very special group.

  3. Lovely post Kylie - she is everything you say she is and more x

  4. I don't know what to say Kylie. Each and every finalist in that category is more than deserving but you know how thrilled I was when Jennie was announced as the winner. You and she especially are very special bloggers to me :)

  5. I missed seeing you on that stage, you so deserved to share the limelight there, in person, for all you have done and continue to do.