Friday, 27 September 2013

My Preemie App - Review

When Joseph was in hospital I didn't have a smart phone, it was 2009 and whilst of course there were smart phones around, I hadnt joined the revolution. I didn't know anything about apps. Now 4 years later I have had an android phone, and now an iPhone and iPad and apps are an every day feature of my life.

Several months ago Preemies Authors started following me on Twitter. I finally down loaded their app and had a play around with it. I wanted to share my thoughts. Now you can't adjust the year in the app, so it looks like Joseph was born this year!

The app is based on a book Preemies - the essential guide for parents of premature babies  written by Dana Wechsler Linden, Emma Trenti Paroli and Mia Wechsler Doron, M.D. Their story is amazing and I'd urge you to read through how this book came to be. I have a copy of this book lent to me by a fellow preemie parent and will review it another time.

Just a disclaimer that the book is American, and a lot of the content of the app in the guide section is written for a US based audience. This does in no way impede the functionality of the app and if you have a baby currently in hospital I wouldn't hesitate in recommending you spend the £2.99 to down load it.

 Here is the front screen, as you can see the design is beautiful. I love the kangaroo imagery and you can change the colours too. The main sections are a diary, a place to record weight, length and head circumference, a place to record any questions you have, and the memory box, which gives suggestions for momentos you might like to save.

The highlight of the app is the diary. You can create separate diaries for mum, dad and other family members. The diary has prompts where you can load photographs and record key moments. For me its ideal as you don't have to think. I couldn't keep a diary when Joseph was in NICU as I couldn't order my thoughts, something like this takes a few minutes and you are guided through it.

 The chart section is self explanatory, and a lovely momento to keep. Also handy for post discharge too, to check against the red book the health visitors use. Ours kept forgetting to adjust and the chart ended up looking like the Big Dipper at Blackpool Pleasure Beach!

The reminder section is another handy part of the app. Really good for jotting down those in the middle of the night "oh I must remember to ask x in the morning". 

The final section is the treasured momentos which is a checklist of things you might like to collect and put away for your baby.

I think the app is beautifully put together, visually its just gorgeous and very "nursery" like, not clinical at all. I personally think its ideal for a new parent because of its simplicity.

I have some other ideas of what I think an app could include, such as specifics on expressing, and charts for mum to fill out. A feeding chart would also be useful, particularly on discharge. This app is very much geared to the new baby and parents navigating their way. It's entirely baby focussed rather than hospital focussed and I think its beautiful. It was so easy to use and I highly recommend it.

I purchased this app, and all thoughts are my own. All images are screenshots and belong to My Preemie App


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