Friday, 4 October 2013

How Does it Feel? - having a baby or child in hospital

One of the things I haven't done for a long time is a crowd sourced blog post. I asked my Twitter and Facebook followers and friends how it feels to have a baby or child in hospital for a long stay.

Heartbreaking over and over people said, "heartbreaking"

An exhausting emotional limbo teetering between hope and heartbreak. Emmathemum
Lonely I felt this so keenly. I felt so alone when Joseph was in hospital, heartbroken and alone.

Rollercoaster: No one can prepare you for the highs and crushing lows of having a child in hospital.
Like living in a parallel universe when the rest of the world lives in the universe you used to live in. It's frightening, alien and unknown where the lows are tough and your frightened to celebrate the highs incase u go backwards: Claire
 All consuming: Life as it previously existed has stopped.
 And the shock when you emerge briefly (for food, a shower, whatever) that the rest of the world is carrying on as normal and has no idea that your darling is fighting and on the edge... Jo
Disempowering: Not "owning" your baby is a difficult thing. Some units are better than others at putting families in the centre of care. 
scary, infantilising, exhausting, alienating: Mr Boos Mum
Inspiring: I could relate to this one, now with perspective its amazing looking at my tiny baby and his resilientce and strength, and all the efforts of the doctors and nurses to save him.
Tiring, but inspiring, supportive and hopeful: Candi
In a nutshell:  life changing, nerve racking, scary, grateful, though provoking, angry, hopeful, worried, helpless. Jade 

Roller coaster, agony, delight, fear, expense, stress, isolating, confusion, upset, anger, calm (depending which nurses are on!): Jo

The worst AND the best experience of my life! Mummypinkwellies   

Bliss   understand all this and are working hard with unis around the country to improve care for babies and importantly their families.

It's why I'm dying my hair purple, and sharing on social media for 24 hours about World Prematurity Day on November 17. If you would like to support me by sponsoring me please click here

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