Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Hugs I Have - and a linky

It's World Prematurity Day on Sunday and a lot of us are getting very excited! This year the theme is #GiveAHug. We can all give hugs and write about them. If you would like to join in blogging for World Prematurity Day all you have to do is write a post about hugs! We would love to put this link to Bliss in your posts, and on that page you can read more about how you can get involved with social media on World Prematurity Day.

Today I am delighted to host a post from my Twitter friend Alli, who has always given me a lot of support. Her post is so moving please read and comment.

We call hugs huggles in our house, a fusion of the words hugs and cuddle.

I love huggles with my four children, I love taking them into my arms and breathing in their scent and knowing for that split second absolutely nothing can come between us.  Weekend mornings are great fun trying to squash all 6 of us into the kingsize bed!

I adore huggles with my husband, I always feel safe and secure when he envelopes me in his arms & holds me close to his chest. My favourite place in the world is lying in my husband's arms in our bed having sleepy huggles.

Hugs I Had

There is a hug I miss more than anything in the world & that is a hug from my Mum, she died 11 years ago this month and yet I still yearn for a hug from her.  A hug from my Mum would make everything better or just make me feel so very loved. I loved the smell of my Mum; when I was younger I would pinch her nightdress; hug it in bed so that I felt like she was with me. If I could have one wish it would be to have just one more hug with her, to feel the love we shared for each other pass between us in this simple display of affection.

Hug I Haven't Had

There is a hug I've never had and I will always miss it. Six years ago this week my first nephew was born thirteen weeks early and lived for just nine days. I was lucky enough to spend five of those precious days with him, but I never did get to hug him or smoother him with the kisses I had ready for him, instead I just stroked his tiny fragile hand and willed him to live. Devastatingly this wasn't enough and nine days after his birth he took his final breath. I saw him on the morning of his funeral for the final time; I wanted to do nothing more than scoop him into my arms and hug him until he came back to life, but it wasn't to be.

Hugs are precious, more precious than diamonds, so make the most of them.

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  1. Fusion? Fusion...? FUSION...?!?

    Combining two words to make a new word is a portmanteau.

    Um, other than that this a good post. Does your husband ever find himself getting pushed out of the bed at weekends...?

    Sorry to hear about your mother and your nephew.