Friday, 13 December 2013

Why I Support Christmas Jumper Day

Today is Christmas Jumper Day. I love a good Christmas jumper, with your British cold miserable winter you need bright cheery knitwear to make that pre Christmas season nice and jolly. But Christmas Jumper Day isn't just about who has the best reindeer on their knitwear. It's to raise money and awareness for Save the Children UK

One of the first Bloggers I ever met was Christine from Thinly Spread, I saw her speak at Cybermummy11 and she completely changed my view of blogging and made me realise I could have a huge impact on my world with my blog. It's partly because of her I am where I am, and have never given up.

Today from 1-2 there's a Twitter Party. Join in, put your pound in the pot (ok text it to 70050 TEAMTHINLYS) and post a selfie of you in your jumper. No jumper? Stick a bauble on your existing jumper or wrap some tinsel on your wrist.

Save the Children do masses of work internationally in premature birth and were one of the authors of the Born Too Soon report. Their work helps babies like Joseph who without their investment wouldn't stand a chance. 

I have my jumper ready in the mean time here's my little man modelling his effort!


  1. What a gorgeous young man. You must be so proud! x

  2. Oh I've only just seen this! Thank you so much, what a fabulous chap and a gorgeous jumper too!

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