Tuesday, 28 January 2014

10 Things Matilda Mae Taught Me

This week our hearts are full of sorrow as we remember the week Matilda Mae died. Matilda Mae has left a huge legacy and here are 10 things she has taught me.

1. Never miss an opportunity for a cuddle. I met Matilda Mae, she was snuggled with her mummy at Britmums. I didn't want to intrude, smiled a hello and kept walking. I am often reticent with babies for a number of reasons, Matilda Mae taught me to make every opportunity to have a snuggle when there is one to be had.

2. Never make assumptions about a baby. We always assume our premature babies are particularly vulnerable. Whilst this is true to an extent any baby is a vulnerable little person.

3. The blogging community isn't really about rankings, or SEO or sponsored posts. It is a community tied together with love. And when things go wrong amazing things happen.

4. There is no right way to grieve. In our culture public grieving isn't necessarily something that is accepted, and sometimes it's hard to know what to say or do. Respecting each other's coping methods and way of grieving is essential.

5. Money makes the charity world go round. Charity is about love, passion, and commitment to a mission. It's also about money. To do great things requires money.

6. Raising money for charity can often give a purpose. To see the love and awareness for Lullaby Trust increasing so much since Matilda Mae's passing is an amazing thing.

7. Witnessing a baby dying, even from over the internet, can bring up your own unresolved grief, and that of others.

8. Sometimes grief makes people forget the feelings of others and behave in a way that is less than kind.

9. Music is powerful. Whenever I feel sad for Matilda and overwhelmed, as sadly in my work I learn of the loss of babies every week, I put on Starlight by Muse very loudly and it makes me feel better. And keeps me focussed.

10. The loss of a baby can remind you of the power of friendship. Seeing the friendship develop between Ghostwritermummy and Jennie has been amazing. Also because of Matilda Mae I have developed a lovely friendship with the beautiful Michelle from the Crowther Clan.

Look what love has done.


  1. That is a lovely post. I've been tryng to think what I can write about Matilda Mae - I've been touched from the sidelines as it were. It's so lovely to see how many people were touched by one short life

  2. This is so beautiful Kylie x And the point about premmie babies and term is so true, you are prepared in a way for something to happen to your prem babies but not your healthy term baby. I always feel guilty for saying that, thinking it, but it is true x Lots of love to you x x x x x x


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