Monday, 27 January 2014

Letters for Matilda Mae

Dear Matilda Mae

Once upon a time there was the most beautiful mummy in the land. She was slim, pretty, kind, generous, loving, intelligent and strong. She had the most beautiful twins, and that's how I met her when they were still in hospital. She started writing their story.

One day this beautiful lady told me she was pregnant again, and it was all her and her husband (your daddy's) own work. You were their miracle baby. And I was so happy for her, full of joy.

And you were born, and your life was blogged day by day, we got to learn about your cheekiness, happiness, and how much love was injected in your heart. I even got to meet you, only briefly, at Britmums. I wanted a cuddle but you were surrounded by people. "Next time" I thought.

Life was busy, and I kept in touch with your progress on your mummy's blog. Then one day came the most unbelievable news. You had died. You just died. That tiny heart full of love, full of live, that smile that shone over the internet to us all had all just gone.

And none of us knew what to do, but we did what your mummy asked. We loved you, we celebrated you, we raised money for you. We work hard to make your heart live forever.

You, Matilda Mae, were a very special baby.

You will live forever and never ever be forgotten.

I love you Matilda Mae.


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1 comment:

  1. A beautiful letter. One that sums up the confusion and disbelief so well. YOu really are a wonderful friend
    x x x