Friday, 21 March 2014

Dear Sugar

Dear Not Even A Bag of Sugar

When I first met you I was lost and alone in "premmie land". I had a healthy baby at home but I was deeply traumatised by our experiences.

When we first started out, you and I, we were alone. I wrote, you sat there patiently and the odd person would come and say hi or "that resonated with me". And I loved it.

Then things changed. We got nominated for a the MAD Blog Awards, people really started finding us, I found my feet as a blogger and you grew and grew.

You've been there for me in my happy times and darkest times, but most of all you have been there for others, the number of times I have had emails of thanks, messages of support, and received lovely things is quite amazing, and it's because of you, and me.

You see, when I got my job at Bliss I stopped you. I still blog sometimes but I'm not a "blogger" anymore. And I miss it dearly. I tried to start my other blog, but I miss "premmie land" and all who dwell in her.

I want to blog again. I hope you will welcome me back, and guide me. Let me know how to make this fit in with work and not conflict, but I can't cope without you in my life anymore. I miss you too much.

Right now, I am stuck in the this time 5 years ago game and its torture. I am getting help though counselling, reaching out to some amazing people for help and I will get through this and be stronger for it, because that's what I do.

Thank you for always being here for me.

Kylie, mum, regional volunteer coordinator and blogger


  1. A great letter Kylie, good luck with finding your way back to blogging :-)

  2. I can't imagine you ever not being a blogger Kylie, even if you are not bloggng! Didn't life go mas after that first MADS were we shared a room? Mich x