Sunday, 27 April 2014

Easter in Germany - Walking Barefoot

Easter Sunday was a glorious day in Herford, after some discussion my parents in law decided to take us to a barefoot park. We packed a picnic and headed off for an hour's drive, and arrived at a beautiful location.

Immediately Joseph wanted to explore the barefoot trail which runs along the side of this lake. Barefoot trails and parks are quite the thing in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They provide a really fun sensory experience, a good work out, and leave your feet feeling very soft and rejuvenated, however, it must be remembered, no pain no gain!

Joseph boldly commenced along the trail, with me following behind. It became apparent that I am more brave than him and I did every part of the trail.

The worst part was also the best part, but it was hard to take pictures, it was a huge trench of mud, a really silky mud, a bit like cornflour mixed with cocoa, so not unpleasant, but thick and gooey and it felt very odd.

My husband, who due to his disability is spared such torturous activities, looked on giggling and said "it looks like your recreating the battle of the Somme".

At one stage we had to cross a flowing river and the stones felt like a million knives cutting into my feet.

The water was icecold which helped cut the circulation off so the pain wasn't so bad!

We thoroughly enjoyed the barefoot experience, and it was a really lovely family experience.

Germany may not be somewhere you have considered for a family holiday, but it really is a fantastic country for children and families, with no end of things to do, many, like this, are free.

Today I am linking this post with Country Kids from Coombe Mill

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  1. That looks fun. We do this at our local nature reserve too but it's not a custom made trail so there are little thistles to avoid too!

  2. whoa thats so extreme and nice! Love all your lovely feet photos =) #countrykids

  3. My main thought when reading this post is: but how did you clean the mud off your feet? I mean, does walking through the mud leave you no choice but to also go into the freezing water? Do they provide nice, fluffy towels at the end of it?

    It looks like fun to me, but perhaps for a super hot Summer day! (bit of a chicken)

  4. Its the former! No fluffy towels or warm water!

    I'm a tough old bird lol!

  5. Ouch! This is so well constructed, Germans have it right with kids activities. This is all free too.

  6. Thank you! I hate my feet I was intending to take Joseph's feet but he wouldn't stay still on the spiky bits!

  7. Welcome to Country Kids! I love the fact that this experience is something the whole family can do, in a beautiful location and free - what's not to like. Thanks for linking up and sharing your adventure with Country Kids.

  8. There's even a playground with some adapted facilities and a petting zoo, its an amazing place. Germany is such an amazing place to be a child!

  9. Looks interesting! Bet Paul would love this!