Thursday, 8 May 2014

I am 5

I am batman. I love to have fun, I have a wicked sense of humour. I love my watermelon (still) and I love my cat. She even lets me pretend she is catwoman.
I love bratwurst, outside, in the German sunshine. With plenty of ketchup. I love huge icecreams with lots of toppings and sauce. I love to walk on my own but with mum close behind. And I have perfected the innocent look. 

I am my own person. I can make my own fun. A stick becomes a magic wand. A rock becomes my cave. A dandelion is a clock, in the age old tradition. And on a Friday night I like to snuggle with my DS as a special treat.
When I am fragile I still love to cuddle my mummy, and mucky (my crocheted comfort blanket. I love to pull silly selfies with mummy, and I love to snuggle with daddy and atticus. And I still love my sleep as much as I always have.

I am five. 

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