Friday, 13 June 2014

Mummy I Just Want to Be Star of the Week

Joseph's passage into school life hasn't been easy. I had given school lots of information, met with the teacher on a home visit, I thought I had done everything necessary to ensure a smooth transition. The teacher resigned two weeks in and we had an unsettled couple of months of supply teachers, then his new teacher started. I stupidly assumed that everything had been passed on to her. Rule number 1 assume nothing verify everything

I found out Joseph wasn't settling one afternoon in November, visiting a school drop in and was told in front of most of the class and their parents. There were concerns about Joseph, serious ones. We had a big meeting which I called, with the teacher, head of Early Years and the SENCO. Strategies were put in place and everyone started to work as a team.

Slowly but surely Joseph started to settle. A big turning point was May when his birthday was coming up he insisted on a party. I was going to just do something special with him, but no, he wanted to invite his friends. Friends. Joseph was finally starting to make friends after months and months of not being interested in the social aspect of school

His party was a roaring success and Joseph was happy. A couple of weeks ago we were walking to school and Joseph and said "mummy, I really want to be Star of the Week". I was surprised, he had never shown any interest in it before. I explained "you will have to work really hard and be kind, and caring to others".

Joseph seemed to take it in. Every week the teacher has had something funny and good to say. The funniest was "Mum mum I have something to tell you. Joseph asked me to read him a story, I was busy and explained what I was doing. He said "oh Miss you are a whingebag". " I was mildly horrified, the teacher went on to say "Joseph where did you get that word?" And I knew what was coming. The teacher giggled and said "he said "I got it from my mummy"" It could have been worse. Could have been you great flaming galah.

Today we picked him up from after school club and there it was, on his t-shirt. "Star of the Week". My lovely little boy who at the beginning of the teacher's year was "difficult, disruptive, hard to manage, far behind the others" is now doing just fine.

Not just fine, he's shining, like the bright star I always knew he was.

So for those of you with premature children starting school here are my tips.

1. Put all key elements of their story in writing
2. If your child has any idiosyncrasies or rituals write them down
3. If there are changes in personnel engage with them in a timely manner
4. Keep believing in your child and fight for them if you need to. 


  1. Huge congratulations to Joseph. It's a very special thing to be Star of the Week. I find there are sometimes little things that don't get passed on from teacher to teacher and my kids don't face any of the challenges you've had. I guess that is the problem with

    Such a shame that what should have been a smooth transition was anything but. Unusual that a teacher resigns so early in the year too.

    Well done again to Joseph!

  2. Amazing Joseph, well done!

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