Saturday, 27 September 2014

The Story of Beatrice

I started at Bliss early in 2013 and one of my first things I had to do was visit the Bliss office for 2 days to get to know the team, and to learn some of the ropes. One day one of my colleagues opened the cupboard and there was a beautiful big bear. She didn't really have a purpose, so I offered to adopt her. I tied her to my suitcase and she became my constant companion.

I asked some Twitter friends to name her, and my favourite was Beatrice - bringer of joy. I take Beatrice to presentations where I will have a table. She provides a focal point, and "softens" my displays a little. A teddy bear is the perfect choice as to me a teddy bear represents attachment, not only what babies need most, but so do parents in difficult situations, they need to feel secure, knowledgeable and cared for. That's what we strive to do at Bliss.

Beatrice also provides a talking point. I take my materials in my shopping trolley and sit her on top. People often ask about her, or laugh that a grown woman has a teddy bear, it's a great opportunity to tell people about Bliss and what we do.

You see, we are a small charity. A lot of people are embarrassed when they say "oh I've never heard of Bliss". I reassure people that in a way that's a good thing, it means you haven't had to use our services. The saddest thing is when people say "oh but I had a baby in special care and didn't know about you".

Beatrice used to wear an oversized t-shirt. I offered to customise a shirt for a one year old for our buggy push today, and then decided to make one for Beatrice. 

I would love to make one for your charity. If you have a bear (or a small person) and a charity t-shirt get in touch! It's a free service as I am just a home sewer maybe down the track I'll charge!


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