Monday, 19 January 2015

Wrapped in Love - Hugo.s Legacy

In 2014 I met a beautiful mummy on line via Twitter. I have been blessed to have met this beautiful mummy in person too. I have watched her grieve and grow. Leigh is a very special person in my life, as is her son Hugo

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Although Hugo lived for just 35 days he has become a very important member of my team at Bliss. One of the big projects I am working on is a palliative care pathway for neonates in the North West of England. One of the essential things that babies and parents need is consistency. I think a lot about Hugo and his mummy and about her journey.

I have become aware that Royal Bolton Hospital are raising funds for a bereavement suite at the neonatal unit and I want to help. Other units in the region have these suites and Bolton need one too. The amount they need is £6680.43. If we can raise more than that then there are other projects at Royal Bolton they need help with. You can see the list here. 

This room will be there bereavement suite at Bolton. As well as a bed and furnishings and decoration it requires a portable ventilator and a cold cot. The Trust is covering the pipe work, removing the sink etc but the rest is down to fundraising and I am desperate to give parents a safe space to go with their baby for their last hours.

This year my big challenge is to lose weight, and walking is an important part of this. The main fundraising activity I will be undertaking is a walk from Bury to Bolton, Fairfield Hospital to Royal Bolton via Radcliffe.

This walk is exactly 10 miles, one mile for every week Joseph was in hospital. This walk will be held on 16th May. I will then walk once a month until the money is raised. This walk is very symbolic for me and a chance to reflect on the amazing journey I have been on with Joseph and what we have achieved since then. Much has been given to us, therefore we have much to give back.

In addition I will start publishing my weight loss recipes on line and would ask that if you like them you make a donation.

I also need people to walk with  me, and to raise funds too. Please visit MediEquip4Kids to find out more. You can join me at Fairfield Hospital or in Radcliffe or cheer along the way!

If you would like to sponsor me click here

Every baby and every parent deserves a gentle, compassionate space in which to experience their last moments. Be part of something life changing.

Thank you



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