Saturday, 21 February 2015

Continuing this Forever Journey

So after the disappointment of my weigh in I have been continuing to eat healthily and drink my water. This week, half term, I allowed myself two meals off. Previously when I lost 6 stone, I did this from time to time and it worked for me. I had a burger and sweet potato fries on Tuesday lunch time. I really enjoyed the meal but didn't enjoy the way the bun made me feel, further reinforcing my decision to eat minimal wheat. Last night I had fish and chips. I stopped eating when I naturally felt full, and left most of my chips untouched. I think I am not wheat intolerant but it doesn't enhance my diet and there are many more foods to eat.

My body is learning what it likes and dislikes. I am making naturally healthy choices. Interestingly I have "allowed" myself to choose dessert, usually my downfall, and have looked at the menu both times and decided there was nothing there that would make me feel satisfied, and have gone home and had a green tea,

I started this journey by slowly breaking my sugar addiction. I cut out all "normal sugar" and let myself have small amounts of date syrup, rice syrup or agave, I am no longer needing these in my life and haven't bought any more since my first week, and still have plenty left. They are handy to have for healthier baking but are not forming part of my every day diet.

I have been reading more about High Fat Low Carb eating, but remain to be convinced this is a healthy long term solution for me. I am certainly eating much less in terms of carbs, and find when I have a meal that is carb heavy I don't enjoy it. I do remain convinced a breakfast with carbs is important for me right now. Whether that is always the case is another thing. I am reminded of my mindfulness teacher's Irish lilt "to get from point A to point B first you have to be at A" to sustain my 18 stone frame I need some carbs in order to get around. I think cutting further would send me scurrying to unhealthier alternatives anyway.

I am certainly eating more fat in a considered way now hidden fats are no longer in my diet. Coconut oil is a friend of mine now, but used sparingly. Sometimes when I have a sugar craving I have half a teaspoon of coconut oil and it passes. Nut butters and whole nuts are my friend too, but I am being wiser about their use.

Life without dairy, I have to say, is totally liberating. No longer do I feel tied to dairy. I have discovered that actually I like black tea and coffee with no additions. I enjoy my green tea so much now. If I have a flavoured green tea I can taste all the nuances and flavour without my taste buds searching for sweetness or creaminess. I love trying all the different dairy alternatives, and seeing how they perform when I cook with them. I love all the new foods in my life now.

If I do have dairy I feel so revolting it is totally not worth it. I am more convinced than ever I do in fact have a dairy intolerance. I am sure with my improved eating I am getting more calcium than I ever did when having dairy, without the dire effects on my IBS I am so much happier and more confident.

I am in recovery. It's an every day awareness exercise and living in the moment, making good decisions is important. Planning is essential. I love my Aldi lunch box and filling it with healthy, colourful foods.

I don't want to hate food. I want to enjoy it, food is one of my passions and always will be.

It is not the enemy and I don't want to eat merely for sustenance, but I do want to eat myself to health and wellbeing, and to be able to enjoy my life for many years yet.

My mind is changing, my tastes are changing and my body will follow. 


  1. Well done Kylie, it's all about the right attitude!

  2. You certainly have the right attitude, health is paramount and the fact you are healthy eating and not dieting is really good. I fully believe that making life changes is the key rather than attempting this diet or that for so many weeks and then stopping.
    You are inspirational.

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