Tuesday, 3 February 2015

My Forever Journey Plan

So yesterday I talked about my Forever Journey and there are 3 elements. Thought, Consumption and Movement. There is a fourth, support and inspiration but that's another post!

The first is kindness. I have been embarking on a mindfulness course and the first thing I learned is this. To move from point A to point B first you have to be at A. I have to be in my body, know it, understand it and love it. I need to be kind to myself, not berating myself, but urging myself to do better.

I understand now why I am fat. Food is one issue but the biggest one is a set of false beliefs. That fat is safe, that my fat protects me against bad people. It's utter rubbish. Fat is dangerous, and if someone wants to hurt me they will regardless of my size. Being fat could kill me.

I had a course of NLP recently and I am building a bracelet of positive thoughts and images to help me motivate myself.

Like any addict I have looked at what my problems are. The root cause is this incorrect thinking however this leads me to foods that aren't helpful to my weight loss. So for now I have done the following.

Dairy is completely out. I cannot be trusted with butter, cheese, cream etc. It cuts out ice cream too. And it also makes processed foods tricky. This is all good. For now I am using soy, coconut or amond milk. I am not missing dairy yet and it's been a month or thereabouts. I'm not saying I will be dairy free forever but whilst I am enjoying it I will embrace it and see what happens.

Wheat at the moment is out. I am still having freekeh and spelt occasionally which are wheat based, and probably will have cous cous too. I am not really eating bread. I have had pumpernickel and oatcakes when I've wanted something of that nature. I also tried wheat free pita, but not sure I will have that again. Not eating wheat means Macdonalds and KFC are out. I don't even like these places but we seem to end up there once or twice a month. It also means pizza is out together with the dairy embargo.

Sugar I have a huge sugar problem. At the moment I am not using sugar itself at all. I am using small amounts of agave, rice syrup and date syrup, and have used coconut sugar a few times. I am not convinced on this and whether I need to cut out all sugars but I will be kind to myself for now. It's not large amounts and not every day so I am not worrying too much yet.

Vegetables and legumes This isn't a paleo plan as I am eating legumes. I can't see the point of cutting them out, they are protein filled, nutrituous and cheap. I am aiming for 5-10 different vegetables a day. I am loving the amount of vegetables I am eating and my body loves it too. I have discovered kale. I love it. I throw it in soups, salads and other dishes. I adore it. This is worrying!

Fruit I am eating 2-3 portions a day. I am trying not to rely on fruit too much. As I love sugar and sweet things I am trying to concentrate on more savoury foods. I have fruit with my breakfast and one or more portions during the day.

Seeds Chia seeds, where have you been all my life?? I love the weird little critters and I think they are making a huge difference to my diet. I find my porridge more filling with the little critters on top and they make great pudding too. I am also eating flaxseeds (linseeds), sesame, poppy and other seeds too.

Nuts I avoid nuts as I consider them too high in fat, however am quite happy to eat Macdonalds or KFC, how dumb is that? So now I am including nuts in my diet. A handful of macademias on my porridge, or almond meal., tossing nuts onto a salad or on top of soup instead of croutons and using nut butters. I can honestly say, hand on heart, the crunchy organic hazelnut spread is much better than Nutella!

Drinks I have totally given up fizzy drinks and I am aiming to never have them again, not diet versions either, just totally not having them. I am having a coffee every couple of days, but only one, and I've gone back to my beloved green tea. I am not drinking enough water. I know I am not. So I am going to start instagramming my water count for the day and you can all nag me.

Treats Food is about enjoyment as well as nutrition. My idea of treats has changed as I am eating for enjoyment as well as sustenance. A bowl of mango is a treat, as is kiwi fruit. Or a good fruit salad. Even a fresh organic carrot if you stop to taste it. I am baking the odd sweet treat, I have a vegan friend at work so it's nice I can make stuff she can eat too.

Last year I took up yoga. I used to do yoga when I was smaller and I notice how much harder it is with my tummy in the way. I am still doing yoga and also mindful movement. However to really burn calories one needs cardio and for the moment that is walking with a wee bit of interval running whilst my joints get conditioned again. I also plan to use the outdoor gyms popping up in Bury. I have a small amount of exercise equipment at home.

I aim to walk around 5 k a day broken into bits. I am walking at lunch time and in the morning. I hope it's enough. I feel anxious about getting enough exercise in but if I'm smart I should be able to do it.

Please follow my journey on instagram, user name is kykaree, and as promised I will be blogging recipes soon!

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