Friday, 27 March 2015

My #slimpod Journey with Thinking Slimmer

As my regular readers will know I have been on my forever journey since the beginning of the year. I have been committed to eating healthier, moving more and losing weight. Only I feel I've been a bit stuck. I have made enormous changes, and have done really well but it felt like something was missing in my journey.

My friend Kate sensed my frustration with my weight loss and made a suggestion that I look at the slimpod by Thinking Slimmer. I had heard of it a couple of years ago but dismissed it. It sounded all a bit hippy dippy to me, how could a thing you listen to make any difference? I know what to do to lose weight I don't need a voice telling me what to do.

However on my journey with my mental health the thing that has worked most powerfully for me is cognitive analytical therapy and neuro linguistic programming, so now was the ideal time for me to try something different.

I started this week and have already noticed some differences. One of the things I was doing was eating healthier alternatives for naughty things. I have stopped doing this. I no longer snack, I eat three meals a day. I was setting myself challengers to drink water, but now find myself drinking water as natural as breathing.

Setting goals has been a scary thing. All I wanted was to lose weight, but as we all know for a goal to be achievable it needs to be specific, measurable, assignable, realistic and on a time frame.

So I have set a goal to be a size 16 by the time I go on holiday in mid July. This voice in my head that says it can't be done is silenced by Trevor's dulcet tones on the slimpod.

I believe in my goal so much I bought myself a dress, a size 16 dress, for Christmas.

I am really looking forward to keeping you updated about how I am doing and showing you some real progress over the next 12 weeks.

I am really excited to be part of a trial and have a group of bloggers and other women all doing it with me, it's lovely to have some support.

Thank you so much to Thinking Slimmer for this opportunity.

*I have been sent a slimpod to try and given access to the site for support, all opinions my own 


  1. You're doing so well, I'm sure this will give you that extra help to achieve that goal. I know you can do it.

  2. You called me a friend! Has made my week. Has been a good week so very much the icing on the cake. I think you are like me and need to heal your mind and I want you to have that total self-love thing going on. You can do this and it is nice to go to bed with a different fella now and again and Trevor is always willing and able. Seriously, I wish you all the best with this journey and you will make that size 16. I know you can do this thing. And I am thinking about you lots as you come to terms with your Dad being in a different place but always in your heart which is no bad place for him to be knowing you as I do. Much love Kylie

  3. Oh you made me smile saying hippy dippy as that is what I thought about home educators till I became a home educator.

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