Saturday, 11 April 2015

Slimpod and the German Holiday

Travelling when on a weight loss journey is always a bit of a challenge. We have travelled to Germany many times as a family and our trips have always revolved around food. My mother in law is an amazing cook and passionate about food. We eat bakery food, ice cream, lots of meals out and have lots of treats, and add to this that our trip was over Easter time, I was concerned how my new lifestyle changes would bear up.

As you may know I have been using Slimpod by Thinking Slimmer to help with this new lifestyle I am on. I decided I would trust in Trevor, the cognitive hypnotherapist who voices the slimpod, and listen twice daily. The goal of the Slimpod is to help you eat intuitively and naturally, food becoming a small, natural part of your day.

I decided not to plan and just go with it. I kept my breakfasts pretty much similar to home except having natural muesli rather than porridge, using nut based milks, and having fresh fruit. This kept me full until lunch time. Lunches were a little challenging as we were usually out. I chose as healthily as possible. German eating out food is very different to what Germans eat at home, I find. It's very heavy on cheese, so my dairy free policy relaxed a bit. I decided it was easier to go with the flow. What I did do was keep my drinks healthy, either water, black coffee or herbal tea, and no desserts following my lunch time meals.

One of the things we love to eat in Germany is ice cream. In Herford are at least 4 ice cream parlours serving the most amazing sundaes. I decided that I would have ice cream in Germany as it was our last trip to Herford. I had one sundae on day one, and one on the last day. A big change from ice cream every day.

The Easter bunny came to me on Sunday with a tray of small marzipan filled eggs. It's almost a week since, and I've had three!!!! That's a miniscule amount compared to the old me, and I have put them away and they are there for when I feel I want one.

Evening meals were easy as we had those with my parents in law, my mother in law is a healthy cook, and as a size 14 knows what to eat and how to eat it to maintain her figure. So I ate what they ate in similar portions although the "voice" told me to eat more veggies, so I did that.

My attitude to sweet foods has really changed. I love them when I have them and don't miss them when I don't. I had cake twice in Germany, an apple cake on the morning of travelling back, and a cheese cake on Easter Sunday. The cheese cake was made with quark and didn't have much sugar to speak of, and was a light sponge base, so a wise choice. 

I had to see my GP yesterday for my monthly mental health check, I jumped on the scales and I weighed 113 kilos. Before I left for Germany I was 114.6.

That's a pretty substantial loss, and fairly amazing considering I ate so well, didn't deprive myself, and enjoyed my holiday.

One thing I will add was that we were very active. I walked at least 3 miles every day, we swum twice, I had a few active trips out with Joseph, and made the most of every moment.

I have renewed confidence in my ability to see this through and also to advocate for myself. When I stepped on the scales the GP, who was yet another in the random locum lottery said "oh goodness you are heavy at 113 kilos" and I beamed and said "well done me that's amazing".

He looked at my records and was astounded. All he had seen up until then was an overweight woman with a mental health history. I am a strong woman who has had a lot of issues with food amongst other things, and I can emerge slimmer, and be fit and healthy and have a full and enjoyable life.

It's ok to enjoy food, and to love it. Food is not the enemy. It's great to enjoy getting out and about and walk and run (I know!) and swim. Swimming in Germany is particularly fab as there are all shapes and sizes in all sorts of costumes. Families spend whole days at swimming pools.

Balance and moderation don't come naturally to morbidly obese people, and the Slimpod is helping me acquire a new skill set and insight. 

I am loving life again with a new perspective, and I am confident in my ability to lose weight and use Slimpod to maintain that loss. Forever.

This is new.

This is me.

I can do this, I am doing this, and I will see this through. 


  1. well done for doing so well on the ice cream front! i have to say i feel like i have eaten more in Germany then i did the first week on being on Slimpod (whilst still at home) BUT i manage to resist some of the 3pm coffee and cake times and i hardly snacked nor did i have my usual cup of hot chocolate every morning instead i drank some chi tea (still made with milk) and really enjoyed it!

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